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Nantong Golden Triangle Graphite Manufacturing Co., Ltd. (Jiangsu Yulong Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd.) is a professional manufacturer of various impermeable graphite equipment according to the standards of the Ministry of Chemical Industry. The company has been producing graphite equipment for nearly 30 years. The company was reorganized and registered on April 19, 2001, with the registered name: Nantong Golden Triangle Graphite Manufacturing Co., Ltd., with a registered capital of 65.6 million yuan. The company has strong technical force and complete varieties and specifications.

The Company Was Established In 2001
Company workshop area 42000m²
The Registered Capital Is 128 Million Yuan
The Company Was Established In 2001
Company workshop area 42000m²
The Registered Capital Is 128 Million Yuan


The main varieties of the company's conventional graphite equipment are: graphite pole plate, round-hole graphite heat exchanger, round-hole graphite preheater, round-hole graphite falling film absorber, round-hole graphite sulfuric acid dilution cooler, There are more than ten models and hundreds of specifications such as trichloroacetaldehyde chlorination towers, graphite tower equipment and graphite chemical pumps; various non-standard graphite equipment can also be manufactured according to user needs.

Cooperative Partner

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For a long time, our company regards quality as life, seeks development with reputation, implements national chemical standards, and serves customers in chemical, pesticide, pharmaceutical, chemical fiber, chlor-alkali and electronics with high-quality products and reasonable prices. Standard and non-standard graphite equipment.

  • Tailored products

    We have professional engineers to communicate with you, and we accept special customization for your special needs.

  • One stop service system

    One stop service guarantee system, we track the whole process before, during and after sales

  • The free warranty within one year is very considerate

    If the equipment fails due to quality reasons, it shall be guaranteed free of charge within one year

  • Lifetime supply of spare parts

    Spare parts are supplied for life, truly worry free and minimize your losses